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WWE WrestleMania VII


WrestleMania VII was the seventh edition of WrestleMania, pay-per-view professional wrestling event of the World Wrestling Federation. The event was held on March 24, 1991 at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena in Los Angeles, California. The phrase for WrestleMania VII was “Superstars And Stripes Forever”.

The event is remembered for the theme of American patriotism (American flags were placed throughout the coliseum and the ring had the colors red, white and blue), as the basis for the central event between Hulk Hogan and Sgt. Slaughter for the Championship of the WWF. WrestleMania VII is, above all, remembered for the emotional reconciliation between “Macho Man” Randy Savage and his manager, Miss Elizabeth, which occurred after Savage lost the “Retreat Fight” against The Ultimate Warrior. It was one of the most memorable moments in the entire history of WWE. This was, in addition, the first WrestleMania of The Undertaker, event where he started an undefeated that in WrestleMania XXX, made on April 6, 2014, lost his undefeated against Brock Lesnar, being 21-1. The event was held on the same day as The Undertaker’s birthday.

WrestleMania VII was originally scheduled at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum; however, the event was moved to the adjacent Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena. The reasons for the World Wrestling Federation to change the place of the event are due to a series of threats published due to the Iraqi fief that was developing with the character of Sgt. Slaughter. The company has since retained this version of having switched to a closed coliseum for added security. However, the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum had a capacity for 90,000 attendees, while the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena for only 20,000 spectators, so rumors of lower sales circulated around this event.

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