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WCW Souled Out 2000


Souled Out (2000) was the fourth and final Souled Out professional wrestling pay-per-view (PPV) event produced by World Championship Wrestling (WCW). It took place on January 16, 2000 from the Firstar Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. The event would be replaced by Sin as the January pay-per-view, the following year.

The originally scheduled card was heavily changed, due to the serious injuries of Bret Hart and Jeff Jarrett. Hart, who was scheduled to wrestle Sid Vicious, suffered a severe concussion against Goldberg at Starrcade, which forced him to vacate the WCW World Heavyweight title, and eventually retire nine months later. Jarrett, who was scheduled to wrestle Chris Benoit in a Triple Threat Theater series (Dungeon Rules, Bunkhouse, Caged Heat), suffered lingering headaches from Benoit’s diving headbutt off the top of the steel cage on the January 10 episode of WCW Monday Nitro, which forced him to vacate the WCW United States Heavyweight title. Benoit was instead moved to take Hart’s place against Vicious and the Triple Threat Theater series was contested between Billy Kidman and three separate wrestlers. Kidman won the first match because Dean Malenko forgot that the match rules stated that a wrestler could win by having his opponent’s feet touch the floor; Malenko had rolled out of the ring to collect himself in the early stages of the match, thus losing the match per the rules. The second match of the show was originally scheduled to be a WCW World Tag Team title match between Flair & Crowbar and Vampiro & a partner of his choosing; when Flair and Crowbar jumped Vampiro during a backstage interview, Vampiro wanted to take them on himself.

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