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BOXING – Juan Manuel Marquez vs Rocky Juarez


This bout was for Marquez’s super featherweight title belt. Rocky Juarez was coming from two back to back defeats to Marco Antonio Barrera, and Marquez was coming in with a victory in which he took Barrera’s WBC super featherweight.

In the first round there was an accidental head butt which caused a cut above Juarez’s left eye that throughout the fight seemed to bother and distract Juarez because Marquez dominated the whole fight, from beginning to end. Marquez seemed way too fast and dominated with his jabs and straights, while Juarez started off slowly, something he had showed in all of his four looses, which were title bouts, he didn’t throw enough punches and Marquez was able to build on a lead that Juarez couldn’t overcome because Marquez just wouldn’t let him. Juarez couldn’t get inside, and the cut was bothering him all throughout the fight, Marquez was just better. Juarez complained that the cut affected him, but so did the great amount of work done by Marquez, Juarez stated that when he tried to block the blows, blood would go into his eye and all he could see was red, either way Marquez did what he needed to do and after the 10th round people from the seats began yelling “bring on Pacquiao”…over and over again.

The scorecards were a testimony of Marquez’s dominance, in one of the Judge’s (Chris Wilson) eyes Marquez won all rounds and scored the bout 120-108, Robin Dolpierre scored it 118-110, and Judge Burt Clements scored it 117-111, all in favor of Marquez.

Golden Boy Promotions is bringing one of the most highly anticipated fights of the year to Southern Arizona. Juan Manuel Marquez will face Ricardo Rocky Juarez for the World Super Featherweight Championship


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